Concept Evaluation And Pricing Study Survey Template

Concept Evaluation and Pricing Study Survey Template can be used by any business or organization who is keen on collecting feedback from a target audience related to an upcoming product pricing and feature concepts. When an organization or a business has a an idea that they want to get right, concept evaluation and pricing study questionnaire can save a lot of time and money to concept test before bringing it out to the world. Concept evaluation and pricing study survey allow to refine a product concept, create good ad campaigns, new logo etc.

1.This survey is about a new [product/service] concept that is described as follows:

2.How would you best describe your familiarity with the product/service described above?
3.If you are a current user, how long have you used [Product/Service]?
4.How often could you find a use for this [Product/Service]?
5.Based on the description, how interested would you be in buying this new [Product/Service] if priced within your budget?
6.What is it that you like most about the [Product/Service]?
7.What do you like least about the [Product/Service]?
8.Which of the following best describes your need for this product?

9.About what would you expect to pay for a new [Product/Service] like the one described? (Nearest dollar)
10.At what price would this new product begin to look inexpensive or cheap? Select one.
11.At what price would the product begin to look so expensive that you would never consider buying it?

12.If you knew that the average price of [Product/Service] was $[Enter Price], would you expect to pay more or less to buy the described product/service?

Why conduct Concept Evaluation and Pricing Study Survey?

This survey is a way to get a quick concept and price testing within the target market. This is one of the best ways to gain market insights on new business ideas before making investment decisions. Let us understand what are the other reasons to conduct this survey:

  • If a marketing team of a certain organization is brainstorming to come up with ideas for a new product and the price range that will be best suited to the customers. By deploying this survey to the target market, it will be easier to get an appropriate price range for the product/service.
  • In this survey questions are carefully created by QuestionPro’s team of experts, questions are direct and help collect appropriate and straightforward answers.
  • The answers to these questions make it easy to choose a concept and price to go with and they help sharpen the final product and make it more acceptable in the market.

Best Uses of Concept Evaluation and Pricing study Survey

Concept evaluation and pricing study is an initial investigation of potential consumers’ reaction to a proposed feature or price range or even services before introducing the product or service into a market. When a business or organization decides to launch a product or service, concept evaluation and pricing study survey is a valuable step to identify consumer perceptions, what their needs are. Following are the best uses of concept evaluation and pricing study survey:

  • By deploying this survey to a target audience, an organization or a business can gain a first-hand knowledge about what the audience thinks that reflects the value a business or an organization provides versus their competitors.
  • Once the audience responds to the survey, businesses or organization gain data-oriented market insights on how the market will respond to the introduction of this product in terms of pricing and products/services absorption, which in turn will help them put a cap on pricing.
  • Using the concept evaluation and pricing study survey organizations and businesses can collect meaningful insights and plan their strategic moves regarding concepts and pricing of product and services that will, in turn, help them reach their revenue and market share goals.

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