Control of Your Life

Events in your life... Attributions and Control.

Expectations About Events in Your Life

This survey asks questions about people's perceptions of and involvement in events affecting everyday life, from political issues to workplace preferences.

Please read each statement carefully and respond to it by expressing the extent to which you believe the statement describes your personality, your beliefs and your preferences.
There are 57 questions in this survey.
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I find it very hard to talk in front of a group.
Whether or not I get into a car accident depends mostly on how good a driver I am.
I would prefer to be a leader rather than a follower.
Other people usually follow my ideas.
I feel like what happens in my life is mostly determined by powerful people.
I try to avoid situations where someone else tells me what to do.
I can usually organize people to get things done.
To a great extent my life is controlled by accidental happenings.
I enjoy political participation because I want to have as much say in running government as possible.
I am often a leader in groups.
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When I get what I want, it's usually because I worked hard for it.
Whether or not I get to be a leader depends mostly on my ability.
I prefer a job where I have a lot of control over what I do and when I do it.
I enjoy being able to influence the actions of others.
When I make plans, I am almost certain to make them work.
I would rather not try something I'm not good at.
In order to have my plans work, I make sure that they fit in with the desires of people who have power over me.
I am careful to check everything on an automobile before I leave for a long trip.
Often there is no chance of protecting my personal interest from bad luck happenings.
Sometimes politics and government seem so complicated that a person like me can't really understand what's going on.
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Others usually know what is best for me.
When I get what I want, it's usually because I'm lucky.
I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the important political issues which confront our society.
I enjoy making my own decisions.
Although I might have good ability, I will not be given leadership responsibility without appealing to those in positions of power.
People like me are generally well qualified to participate in the political activity and decision making in our country.
I enjoy having control over my own destiny.
How many friends I have depends on how nice a person I am.
It hardly makes any difference who I vote for because whoever gets elected does whatever he/she wants to do anyway.
I would rather someone else took over the leadership role when I'm involved in a group project.
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I have often found that what is going to happen will happen.
There are plenty of ways for people like me to have a say in what our government does.
My life is determined by my own actions.
I consider myself to be generally more capable of handling situations than others are.
My life is chiefly controlled by powerful others.
So many other people are active in local issues and organizations that it doesn't matter much to me whether I participate or not.
I'd rather run my own business and make my own mistakes than listen to someone else's orders.
Whether or not I get into a car accident is mostly a matter of luck.
Most public officials wouldn't listen to me no matter what I did.
I like to get a good idea of what a job is all about before I begin.
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People like myself have very little chance of protecting our personal interests when they conflict with those of strong pressure groups.
A good many local elections aren't important enough to bother with.
It's chiefly a matter of fate whether or not I have few friends or many friends.
When I see a problem I prefer to do something about it rather than sit by and let it continue.
It's not always wise for me to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad fortune.
When it comes to orders, I would rather give them than receive them.
Getting what I want requires pleasing those people above me.
I wish I could push many of life's daily decisions off on someone else.
Whether or not I get to be a leader depends on whether I'm lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.
When driving, I try to avoid putting myself in situations where I could be hurt by someone else's mistake.
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If important people were to decide they didn't like me, I probably wouldn't make any friends.
I prefer to avoid situations where someone else has to tell me what it is I should be doing.
I can pretty much determine what will happen in my life.
There are many situations in which I would prefer only one choice rather than having to make a decision.
I am usually able to protect my personal interests.
I like to wait and see if someone else is going to solve a problem so that I don't have to be bothered by it.
Whether or not I get into a car accident depends mostly on the other driver.

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