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Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey Template

Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to evaluate the outward appearance of an organization or a brand. This sample survey template consists of 30+ questions that help an organization or brand evaluate everything from their mission statement to their advertising implementation. Corporate marketing is a means by which organizations can attract new customers. By deploying this questionnaire to respondents, organizations will be able to assess what kind of approach in terms of advertising or messaging will appeal to them.

In considering the overall direction of the company's marketing effort, how would you rate:
Doing Business With The Company
How effective would you judge...
In evaluating the (Company's) competitive position, we are:

Why Conduct Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey?

Corporate marketing if done right can yield desired results for an organization, however, if a campaign doesn’t perform well, chances are it falls flat on its face and will incur expenditure to an organization without giving any appropriate results.

  • While there are more aggressive forms of corporate marketing, there are subtle forms too, that seem to do the job for most organizations, corporate newsletter, emails, sales coupon, contests and events to name a few.
  • QuestionPro’s Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey precisely has questions that concentrate on vision and direction of a company, overall company operations, workflow within the organization, company leadership, effective communication, sales team needs to name a few.
  • These questions help understand the corporate strategies better. This sample survey template can be deployed to a target group that will be able to justify answering these questions. This questionnaire is editable and is customized.

Best Uses of Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey?

Here are some of the best uses of Corporate Marketing Evaluation Survey:

  • Corporate Marketing helps improve and enhance brand awareness thus educating customers and prospects about the product benefits. By deploying this survey a brand or an organization can achieve this objective.
  • Marketing performance measurement should ideally be a logical extension of the planning and budgeting exercise. Questions in this survey template are asked to assess and evaluate related strategies.
  • The goals that an organization has set should be measurable. This survey template helps measure and evaluate such marketing goals.