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Dealer Feedback Survey Template

Dealer Feedback Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed with questions to gather feedback from dealers about the products/services they are associated with. This sample survey template consists of different types of questions that help a dealer fill out appropriate information regarding their association with a third party organization, what sort of dealership they follow, what is the financials associated with it and much more.

This is a comprehensive survey template which enables an organization gets complete dealer information to make dealer network stronger.

Overall, how confident are you that (company) will gain additional market share in the (product) industry in the coming year?
What was the range of your dealership's sales volume of (company) products last year?
How long have you been a (company) dealer?
How much of your business volume is accounted for by (company) products?
How much of your profit is derived from (company) products?
Which of the following (company) product lines do you fully support at this time?
Compared to (market leader), how does (your product) offer advantages in selling situations?
Compared to (market leader), how does (your product) offer advantages in profitability?
Compared to (market leader), how does (your product) offer advantages in service and supplies business?

Which product line do you see as offering a stronger competitive position to (company) dealers?
Overall, have actions taken by (company) senior sales and marketing management over the past year that had an impact one way or another on your business?
Describe which actions had the greatest impact on your business, and why:
Which of the following best describes the influence you feel you have with (company) senior management?
On average, which of the following best describes (company) management's timeliness in response to your requests and inquiries?
Which of the following administrative areas would you say presents the greatest opportunity for improvement?
Compared with your investment support level in your (company) business this year, what are your investment support plans for next year?
Please tell us why you answered the way you did about your investment support plans for your (company) business for next year:
What suggestions do you have for (company) senior management which would help you improve the success of your (company) business next year?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Why conduct Dealer Feedback Survey?

In supply chain management a dealer is a person who owns a store and sells directly to the consumers. There are various industries in which there are dealers who help the brand reach a wider set of consumers. Usually, dealers are associated with machinery and mechanical goods industry like automobile, trucks, farm equipment, electronic appliances etc. We will now examine why should dealer feedback survey be conducted:

  • Dealers are an important link between product manufacturers and product consumers. Dealers buy their products from distributors and display them in their shops or showrooms. Usually, dealers have a tie-up and long-standing relationship with the manufacturers.
  • QuestionPro’s Dealer Feedback Survey consists of questions that help manufacturers gain meaningful insights about the dealers and the time duration for which they have been associated with a brand.
  • Questions related to dealerships sale volume, business volume, the profit derived from the business, advantages in profitability, competitor knowledge etc are used in this survey template.

Best Uses of Dealer Feedback Survey

Here are some of the best uses of Dealer Feedback Survey:

  • This survey template helps gain detailed information about a dealer like, number of years he/she has been associated with a brand, what are the profit advantages they have to offer, what products or services they usually deal in etc.
  • For a brand to be able to reach out to a wider audience it is important for them to do thorough research. This feedback form can help them collect that information and know if their products are on the right shelves or not.
  • By deploying this survey, manufacturers are able to access information regarding the skill sets and business goals of the dealers.