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Demographic and Retail Shopping Survey Template

Retail Shopping and Demographic Survey Template is used to collect demographic and shopping intent information. These questions are also often included in other samples as well. This questionnaire example is typically used as a part of market research survey, which helps identify factors that are unique to a certain demographic and get details about a shopper's profile.

Within what price range are the daytime dresses you typically purchase?
When shopping for an everyday dress, how many stores do you typically visit?
What is your approximate age?
Indicate your marital status.
Please indicate your approximate yearly household income before taxes. (Include total income of all adults living in your household.)
What was the last grade you completed in school?
Please indicate the number of children in your household under the age of 18.
Including yourself, how many persons are in your household?
What is your current work status?
What is the present occupation of the head of household?
Please write in your ZIP Code.
Thank you for your participation.