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Direct Mail Advertising Services Survey Template

Direct Mail Advertising Service Survey Template is created to understand the advertising activities conducted on a regular basis. This survey consists of questions related to indulgence in the advertising activities of an organization, business or even individuals. This survey template has questions that help a researcher understand the needs of an organization or business related to their advertising needs and why would they want to advertise their products or services. This survey consists of questions that are a mix of market research and demography. This survey template can be modified and questions can be added to suit the need of a researcher.

1. Which of the following best describes your position within the company?

2. In which state is your office located?
3. Including yourself, how many employees work at this location?

4. Which of the following best describes the primary business activity of your company at this location? (Please select one answer only)

5. Please select the range that best describes the approximate 2000 annual sales for your company at this location.


7. How much would you estimate you spent in total and on the following advertising, sales and marketing activities in the past 6 months?
8. For each of the following advertising, sales and marketing services listed, please tell us if your company purchased this service in the past 6 months and if that purchase was made from an offline bricks and mortar vendor or on-line vendor.
10. If you conducted a direct mail campaign in the past 6 months, how did you go about preparing and sending your direct mail for the most recent campaign you ran?

11. If you conducted a direct mail campaign in the past 6 months, which of the following pieces did you send as part of the most recent campaign you ran? [CHECK ALL THAT APPLY]

12. If conducted, how satisfied are you with the overall results of your direct mail campaigns, that is the increase in sales you generated or the overall impact on your business.
13. Are you aware that there are on-line, full-service direct mail providers that can conduct your entire direct mail campaign for you at a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself? They provide custom templates, mailing lists, as well as print, stuff, stamp, and mail your direct mail campaign.
14. How valuable would an on-line, full service direct mail provider be to your business?
16. If you are somewhat unlikely or very unlikely to purchase this service online, Why would you not consider a service like this? [SELECT AS MANY AS TWO ITEMS]

15. How likely would you be to purchase an on-line, full-service direct mail if it were made available?
17. If you acquired a direct mail or sales prospect list in the last 6 months, how did you acquire the list that you used most recently?
18. Are you aware that there are on-line list providers who offer customer names and addresses that you can customize to your needs by key criteria such as geography, income and other demographics?
19. How valuable would an online list provider service be to your business?
20. How likely would you be to purchase a list from an on-line list provider service if it were made available.
21. Why would you be unlikely to consider a LIST SERVICE like this online?

Why Conduct Direct Mail Advertising Services Survey?

Direct mailer is a form of direct marketing in which businesses or organization send a letter, postcards, customized gifts or other promotional material to past, current or potential customers or clients.

Direct mail can be targeted to both, businesses and individuals. In most cases, direct mailing is predominant to target certain demographic or geographic market. In most cases its bulk mailing but this can be done in smaller quantities as well.

QuestionPro’s direct mail advertising survey is curated by experts and consists of questions that systematically gather insightful feedback about direct mail advertising service and level of satisfaction it has with the people who receive direct mailers. This survey can be deployed to organizations or even individuals who are willing to carry out such advertising campaigns and also to those who receive direct mailers.

A meaningful feedback is collected from those who receive direct mailers and if it changes or influences their purchasing habits in any way. Whether direct marketing helps them narrow down on certain products or services.

Best Uses of Direct Mail Advertising Survey.

One of the best ways of getting compelling, targeted information in front of your audience is direct mailers. Direct mailers are well designed and boost sales and generate leads. Using this survey has its fair share of benefits. Following are some of the best uses of direct mail advertising survey:

  1. This survey helps to understand what exactly what client’s need with respect to direct mailer, how they want to maneuver the campaign and if it will benefit them in the long run.
  2. By deploying this survey a researcher can get a fair idea about what is spending cap of an organization with regards to direct mail advertising. Based on this, organizations can suggest the direct mailer method that would work best for them.
  3. It is easy to process the information obtained by deploying this survey as it has a systematic mix of market research and demographic questions. By asking these questions meaningful insights are obtained regarding client portfolio and their business needs by conducting direct mailer campaigns.