Survey Templates School Surveys Distance learning survey template for students

Distance learning survey template for students

Use this free distance learning survey template for students to learn more about their experience. Know if they are enjoying remote learning, have any suggestions for the school or university and identify areas of improvement.

Check if the students have enough resources to support their online learning. Get to know if they miss their classmates and in-person interaction with teachers. This sample distance learning survey template for students has been customized for the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can use it for any remote learning programs and customize it as you like.

Are you learning remotely?
How is your [School or University] delivering remote learning?
What do you use for distance learning?
Do you have access to a device for learning online?
How much time do you spend each day on an average on distance education?
Do you get enough time to complete the work your assignments?
How stressful is distance learning for you during the COVID-19 pandemic?
How helpful are your teachers while studying online?
How peaceful is the environment at home while learning?
How effective has remote learning been for you?
How helpful your [School or University] has been in offering you the resources to learn from home?
How was your overall experience learning from home?
How well could you manage time while learning remotely? (Consider 5 being extremely well and 1 being not at all)
Play time
Managing academic schedule
Do you enjoy learning remotely?
Are you satisfied with the technology and software you are using for online learning?
Do you have high-speed internet at home?
How important is the face-to-face communication for you while learning remotely?
How often do you talk to your [School/University] classmates?
How often do you have a 1-1 discussion with your teachers?
How helpful is your family while you are studying online?
Are you learning as much now as you were prior to switching to remote learning?
How can your [School or University] support you further?