Survey Templates School Surveys Field trip survey questions in a sample survey template

Field trip survey questions in a sample survey template

Use this sample field trip survey template to learn how was the experience of the students. Collect data and run reports based on responses to this free field trip sample questionnaire.

Find out what did your students liked the most and what would they like to improve on a field trip. Ask them to rate various aspects of the trip and if they are likely to refer it to their friends.

Please fill in your details.
What is the name of your school?
What is your grade level?
When did you go for the field trip?
Did your teacher tell you earlier about the field trip?
What did you know about the field trip before you went?
How did you learn about this field trip?
What type of field trip did your class attend?
Did you enjoy the field trip?
What did you learn from the field trip?
Have you ever gone for a school field trip before?
Why did you go for a field trip?
Please rate your experience in these areas.
Below average
Staff coordination
Field trip planning
Skill development
Impact on students
Considering your complete experience with our field trip, how likely would you be to recommend it to a friend?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Do you have an interesting story about this field trip?
Is there anything that you wanted more in the field trip?
Do you have any classroom activities or other projects planned based on the field trip? If yes, please the details.
What can be done to improve your experience?