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Happiness Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

This sample happiness survey template and questionnaire lets you measure your survey respondents' happiness. This questionnaire template collects demographic information and aspects of life that give them satisfaction and bring joy to their daily lives. This sample online survey template has been designed in consultation with industry experts and delves into areas and factors that affect the respondent's happiness quotient. Use this template to get a better understanding of your respondents' happiness for better market research. Get details on what makes your respondents happy or sad.

How happy are you at the moment?
What are the things that make you happy in your life right now?
In what area of your life would you like to increase your feelings of happiness? Select all that apply.
Please state your agreement with the below statements:
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Top 4 reasons to use the Happiness Survey template

Here are four key reasons for using this free online happiness survey template in your organization

- Measure the happiness of your survey respondents.
- Understand which aspects of daily life bring joy to your online survey respondents.
- You can customize the survey template to suit your research needs.
- Understand which factors affect the happiness quotient of your target audience.