Movie Rental Survey

Attitudes about movie rentals and editing of questionable content.

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree Not sure
I generally rent movies.
I usually enjoy rated R films more than I enjoy PG 13, PG, or G movies.
Students/kids viewing too many murders and crimes in movies has increased the number of crimes amongst youth.
Movies without violence are less appealing to me.
Profanity is not needed in films.
Sexual content in movies makes them more entertaining.
Movies are a direct reflection of the values in today’s American Society.
I would be interested in software that gives me the option to control the sexual content, profanity, and violence in DVD movies.
Based upon the premise that the software existed to give me more control and added features for movies on DVD format, I would purchase a DVD player for this purpose.
As a parent, I would like more control over what my children watch in movies. (if not a parent, answer as if you were one)
I generally buy movies.
When would you purchase a DVD player if you don't already own one?
In the next 6 months
Within 1 year
Within 2 years
Already own a DVD player
Not sure
Would you be interested in software that
allows you to have control over
profanity, nudity, and violence in movies?
Not sure
If this software existed, how much would you expect it to cost?
How much would you expect a software tool to cost that allowed you to control and manipulate video and sound content in movies?

$50-$99 $100-$149 $150-$199 $200-$249 $250+
Do you feel comfortable purchasing software over the internet?
Do you feel comfortable downloading software over the internet?
If you purchase software from the internet, do you prefer:
To receive a hard copy of the software in CD format
The ability to burn your own CD and print your own manual
Keep a soft-copy downloaded on my computer
Would you rather purchase software from:
A store
The internet
No preference
What type of DVD player do you own?
Macintosh DVD-ROM
Sony PlayStation 2/Microsoft X-Box
Console Top DVD player
Do you mainly purchase or rent movies you view?
How much do you spend renting and/or buying movies per month?
Which state do you live in?

What is your age?
What is your gender?
What is your marital status?
Married with 1 or more kids
Married without kids
Single with 1 or more kids
Single without kids
What is your approximate annual family or single household income?

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