Leisure Time Activities

Inventory of 18 leisure time activities.

Please check the frequency in which you engaged in the following activities in the past two months. Check only one answer for each possible leisure activity.
Frequently Occasionally Seldom Never Not sure
Watching television
Playing adult games (for example, cards, mahhjong, etc.)
Walking for pleasure
Reading books for pleasure
Competing in team sports (for example, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.)
Going on a family outing
Competing in individual sports (for example, tennis, ping pong, etc.)
Going out for the evening for drinks and entertainment
Going to the movies
Frequently Occasionally Seldom Never Not sure
Visiting art galleries and museums
Listening to music
Collecting or making something (for example, hobbies)
Attending sports events
Attending opera, ballet or dance performances
Surfing the Web
Working on the computer

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