Love Test Survey Template

Love Test Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to carry questions and examples to understand compatibility between two people. This sample survey template consists of questions that require rendering personal preference before meeting or dating a person. This questionnaire can be used by dating or matchmaking website or anyone who is into a similar business or even an individual who wants to know more about love or compatibility. This survey also consists of demographic questions that help surveyor understand location, family background, employment status etc. of respondents.

What is your idea of a good night out?
Visit to the theatre or opera
Romantic dinner for two
Karaoke at the local pub
Drinks and then clubbing
Watching a football game
Which of these would be your ideal holiday?
Activity-based, e.g. skiing
A luxury hotel in New York
Exploring the Far East
Lying on a beach in the sun
A cottage in the country
How would you best describe your character?
Shy and reserved
Expressive, open and chatty
Humorous, but hide feelings
Uncomplicated, easy-going
What are the most important characteristics you look for in a partner?
Good looks and style
Loyal, kind, trustworthy
Sense of fun, love of life
Dynamic, successful
Passionate and adventurous
How would you describe your parents marriage?
Up and down but good
They separated/divorced
Not close, but stayed together
Happy, affectionate, loving
Acrimonious, argumentative
How are your family's financial circumstances?
Affluent, plenty for all of us
Struggling, money was tight
Varied from lots to little
Which are the three traits that you least like in someone
No ambition
Poor dress sense
Negative attitude/sulkiness

Do you smoke?
Work Phone
Home Phone

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