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Marketing Concept Test Survey Template

Product satisfaction survey template allows organizations to better understand their product and help them measure customer satisfaction and usage. It also helps them discover ways to improve the entire customer experience with respect to the product. This questionnaire consists of questions that can be customized to suit the need of a researcher. This sample survey template by QuestionPro enables organizations and business focus on measuring customer loyalty by answering simple questions related to what they think about the product and if they are willing to recommend it to their family and friends.

Please read the following description of a new product concept called [Concept Name].

Concept Description:
Please tell us how the described product would rate on the following attributes.
Not At All Descriptive
Very Descriptive
High quality
A brand I can trust
Well built
A good value
Overall, what is your reaction to the described product?
What other brands of [Product Category] have you used? (Check all that apply.
What is it that you like about [Product]? Please enter as many items as you wish.
What do you like least about [Product]?
What would be your main reason for buying the product?
Overall, how interested are you in buying this product if it were available? Please check one.
Which of the following best describes your need for this product?
Based on the description, what price would you expect to pay for the product?
Assuming the new product is priced comparably to other major brands, would you say it is a...
In what ways does the described product appear to be superior to other [Product Category] brands?
Overall, what would be your most important factors in choosing a [Product Category]? Please check three.

Other than the product itself, which of the following would most influence you when deciding to buy a [Product]?

Why conduct a Product Satisfaction Survey?

  • Product satisfaction survey helps organizations and businesses understand a trend of customers and know how satisfied they are with the brand.
  • Product satisfaction survey template gathers feedback from customers, if they are happy with the brand they will purchase often from the brand and thus define customer loyalty.
  • Product satisfaction survey gives organizations specific information about positive and negative perceptions, which in turn helps reducing post-launch market risks by creating a successful product line.
  • These real market insights are especially important because of the increased use of social media platforms by people of all age. One negative comment and the entire brand suffers the blow. In situations like these repairing the damage or countering false representations could prove costly.
  • A product satisfaction survey can help brands and organizations in such situations by promptly collecting consumer opinion on products and analyze if any consumer is unsatisfied and take necessary actions.

Best Uses of Product Satisfaction Survey

A product satisfaction survey might be of no use unless it helps collect insightful statistical data that can be analyzed. The first step to developing a meaningful online survey is to establish the goals it intends to achieve. Here are some of the best uses of product satisfaction survey:

  • A product satisfaction questionnaire can collect feedback from clients or customers and this feedback can help make the product better.
  • An organization can avoid bad experiences with customers by deploying this sample questionnaire, by gaining first-hand knowledge about what the customers like or dislike about the product. Both organization and customers could benefit from this survey.
  • Customer experience can be recorded in black n white. By deploying this survey customer can be transparent in expressing their opinions and suggestions.
  • Product satisfaction survey can also help an organization measure customer loyalty. Placing one NPS question can help organizations know if customers are going to recommend the brand to their family/friends/colleagues.