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Media Accountability Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Media accountability survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information what people think about the various media sources. This survey aims to identify perceptions of accountability as manifestations of claims to responsibility and factors that affect the accountability. Media accountability is a term which is often used, however is not clearly defined. It means all mass media has to be accountable in the public's interest. Since the concept is not clearly defined, it will often result with media owners having commercial interests. Due to such reasons, often media sources have to work around to create a positive accountability for their channels. Such a survey template can be used by various media channels to make wise decisions to improve their accountability. It can also be used to educate the general public with findings that showcase the factors that affect media accountability.

In the current scenario, Media accountability has been in talk a lot during the recent political elections in the United States of America. During the elections, media was criticized a lot on the basis that they had been biased to certain parties and politicians. In such a case, media accountability questionnaire can prove to be a boon for these media sources to keep their reputation and accountability strong.

Following are the questions to gather information about public's perception about media accountability and the factors that affect them.

Considering your experience with the kind of information provided by media, how likely are you to recommend a friend/colleague to trust in the information provided by the media?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
In your opinion, how trustworthy is the information you receive from the following media sources?
How fairly do you think media characterises people of the following religions?
Do you think Media sources are biased towards any political parties?
How honest do you think media has been for the following?
How fair do you think media has been to the following?
How much do you trust the following media sources on reporting political news?
Please choose your answer about the following statements about media accountability.
How old are you?
Please specify your ethnicity.
What is your highest level of educational qualification?
What is your gender?
Which industry do you work in?
Any comments/suggestion related to media accountability, if the questions could not convey your message.