Non Profit Alumni Survey Template and Questionnaire

This alumni survey template allows non-profit organizations to get contact information from their alumni members. Using this sample online alumni survey questionnaire, non-profits can also stay in touch with their past members and strengthen the relationship with them.

Hello:  You are invited to participate in our survey [Project Description Here]. In this survey, approximately [Approximate Respondents] people will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about [General Survey Process]. It will take approximately [Approximate Time] minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Please share your current contact information so we can keep you posted about what's going on with the NPA program. Thank you!

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First Name 
Last Name 
Middle Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Did you work for a Non-Profit Organisation Prior to entering the Program?
Do you work for a Non-Profit Organisation Now?

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FundRaising Feedback Survey Template

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