Odd Likert Scale Survey Questions Template

Odd Likert Scale Survey is designed by experts at QuestionPro. Odd Likert scale questions have a neutral option in the answer responses. The neutral option is present for those responded who don’t have an opinion about the question asked. In this survey template, there are different odd Likert scale question examples used to help the researcher understand where and how these questions can be used. In this sample survey template, there are 10+ question examples. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the needs of a researcher to align with their business or brand.

Express the level of satisfaction after using our products:
The organization invests time and money to keep the employee updated with technology.
Indicate the level of helpfulness that this conference got to your career:
I know which department to approach for help.
Many US citizens aren’t happy with work the current President has been doing.
Please state the degree of problems you had to face due to the change in HR policies:
Affect of global warming in your country.
I’ve handled issues at work.
Our products in comparison to the others in the market.
Indicate your satisfaction levels with our customer services:

Why Conduct Odd Likert Scale Survey?

Likert Scale is an advanced rating scale that’s often used in surveys to collect opinion from respondents regarding products or services, about overall satisfaction or effectiveness of products or services. Here are a few reasons for conducting this survey:

  1. Odd Likert Scale questions have a neutral answer option. There are some respondents who might not have a strong positive or negative opinion. In such cases, there should be a neutral option for them to choose from. In Odd Likert Scale, the answer options could be 5 or 7 in number.
  2. In this survey template designed by QuestionPro, there are various odd Likert scale question examples for a researcher to use. These questions can be customized and edited to suit the business needs of a researcher to obtain desired results.

When to Use Odd Likert Scale Survey Questions?

  • Odd Likert Scale questions are best used to measure and evaluate customer sentiments about specific products, services, and related experiences.
  • Odd Likert Scale questions should be used in surveys where a researcher needs to also provide a neutral option to his/her respondents. This neutral option helps those respondents who are unsure, thus avoiding confusion.
  • Odd Likert Scale carefully translates the customer opinion. If they choose a neutral option, brands need to understand what they didn’t do enough to lead their customers to a more satisfying experience.

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