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Online bookstore survey template and questions

This free online bookstore survey template can be used to collect feedback from your visitors and customers. Learn more about their experience and find out ways to improve it. Gather data regarding their e-commerce purchase habits, preferences and how they make buying decisions.

Use data to generate reports and improve the experience. You can also use this sample template to predict sales and manage inventory better. Online bookstore survey questionnaire is easy to use and can be customized in no time.

Marital status:
How many children do you have?

Considering your overall experience, how satisfied do you feel with our online bookstore?
How would you describe your experience visiting [WEBSITE].com?

How satisfied do you feel for the following?
Unsatisfied Neutral Satisfied
How many purchases have you made at [WEBSITE].com over the last year?

How many online purchases have you made in the last month?

For whom do you generally shop online?
What is your most important consideration when shopping online?

When you purchase online, you purchase for (check all that apply):

What are the top two [PRODUCT CATEGORY/ SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP] sites you visit?
Before starting this survey, how familiar were you with [WEBSITE NAME].com website?

How did you hear about [WEBSITE NAME].com? (check all that apply)

How many times did you visit [WEBSITE NAME].com over the last month?

How helpful has [WEBSITE NAME].com been to you?
Which of the following items would you be interested in purchasing from [WEBSITE NAME].com? (check all that apply)

Given the above selection, how helpful [WEBSITE NAME].com might be to you?
If you were buying a gift, which of the following would you consider? (Check all that apply)

Do you have any comments or suggestions for [WEBSITE].com?

3 Reasons to use online bookstore survey questions

1. It's free
This survey template is free for everyone. All you need is a QuestionPro account. You can create a survey from this questionnaire and send it to your customers.

2. It's customizable
Add more questions and answer options as you need. Select from 15+ logic methods to present only relevant questions to your e-commerce bookstore customers.

3. Offer better experience to your customers
Analyze feedback data and understand the customer satisfaction level. Identify ways to improve their experience and turn them into your brand ambassadors.