Online Purchasing

Battery of questions focusing on attitudes about purchasing online and at a given site.

Thinking back to your experience with , please indicate your degree of agreement with the following statements.
Strongly agree Agree Neutral Somewhat disagree Disagree Strongly disagree Not sure
I prefer making a purchase from the (Internet Retailer) local offices, malls or stores.
I prefer the (Internet Retailer) over other home shopping services (i.e., catalogs, "1-800" services or television).
The (Internet Retailer) doesn't just sell products or services--it entertains me.
I received special rewards and discounts by doing business with (Internet Retailer).
I say positive things about (Internet Retailer) to other people.
I consider (Internet Retailer) to be my first choice when I need products or services of this type.
The "look" of (Internet Retailer) web site is appealing to me.
I really like doing business with (Internet Retailer)
I intend to continue to visit (Internet Retailer) site in the future.
I intend to purchase from (Internet Retailer) in the future.
(Internet Retailer) is one of the first places I intend to look when I need the type of merchandise or services it provides.
It would require a lot of time and effort on my part, to set up an account with another (Internet Retailer).
It would take a lot of time and energy to look for another (Internet Retailer) for this type of product.
The products and/or services I purchased from (Internet Retailer) were a good value.
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