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Product, Company, Customer Service Evaluation

Feedback on company, product, customer service, intention to return.

Have you ever ordered [PRODUCT] from [COMPANY]?
Overall, how would you rate [COMPANY]?
How satisfied are you with your service from [COMPANY]?
Would you recommend [COMPANY] to a friend?
If no, why not?
For your NEXT [PRODUCT] purchase, how likely are you to purchase from [COMPANY]?
Which of the following modes did you use to place the order for [PRODUCT]?
What are the THREE main reasons you didn't purchase [PRODUCT] from [OTHER_COMPANY]?

What would you change about the process of purchasing [PRODUCT] (i.e. placing the order, mode of payment, delivery etc) from [COMPANY]?
Are there any other comments you have for [COMPANY]?

Benefits of using the Product, Company, Customer service Evaluation survey template

1) Check for customer satisfaction
If your customers are not satisfied, they will leave you. Customer churn affects companies not only revenue-wise but also reputation-wise. Dissatisfied customers who churned will talk to people about their less than favorable experiences and hurt your brand image and reputation. Using this questionnaire, you can gauge customer satisfaction and what can be done to improve those.

2) Gauge customer trust and loyalty
This template asks the crucial question that's necessary to know if your customers trust you. It also gives you insights into how loyal your customers are. You can get more information from the open-end text question to make necessary changes and improve consumer loyalty.

3) Know what differentiates you from your competitors
It is essential to know why your customers and potential customers prefer you or your competitors. This is crucial in ensuring consumer loyalty and when you set out to build new products or services. You can leverage this information to outperform and outsell your competitors.