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Product Search and Purchase Survey Template

Survey asking about product search including number of brands, prices and purchase of home electronics.

Approximately how many times did you shop for electronic products in the past year?
Please indicate the approximate total amount your family spent on electronic products within the last year.
During the past year, have you or a member of your family purchased a major home electronic product?
If yes, what item was purchased? (Check all that apply.)
What was the total amount spent on the item(s)?
If you purchased accessories, how much did you pay for these items?
While deciding to purchase the products:

How many phone calls were made to retailers for information about the product?
How many visits did you make to different retailers?
The total number of hours spent inside retail stores while making this decision was approximately:
How many brands or individual models did you examine in the different retail stores?
The item was purchased:
How many times have you purchased items in this product category in the past 10 years?
Which of the following have you purchased within the last year? (Check all that apply)