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Profile Survey + Sample Questionnaire Template

Profile survey questions is a questionnaire which aims to identify the demographic data points of respondents and to check if they satisfy all the required checklists for the research, and hence to verify eligibility.

Such a survey also helps businesses, government organizations, social scientists and academicians to identify and profile vast markets / geographies. Once profiling survey is complete, further research using additional survey questionnaires can be conducted on the most eligible group of respondents that meet certain criteria's based on their profiles and therefore, collect the most accurate responses and derive better insights.

For example: A high end women’s fashion clothing company wants to find out what are the opinions of the general population about their clothing products? A Profile survey will play an important role here to find out the right audience that can give the company valuable information. Answering questions like gender, age, household income, interests will enable to shortlist only those respondents who represent the company’s target market.

Following are the questions to to find out the eligibility of a respondent to the predetermined parameters of an ideal target group.

How old are you?
What is your gender?
What is your ethnicity?
What is your highest level of education?
What is your marital status?
What industry do you work in?
What is your current designation?
Where do you stay?
What is your zip code?
What is your total household income?
On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the least and 5 being the most, how much do you spend on the following:
Please list down your hobbies/interests.