Public Library Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Public library survey questions template, is designed to collect feedback and opinion from anybody who is or wants to use public library. This survey template consists of questions that any researcher can ask to know about what services are important to the users and how would they like to rate these services based on their availability. This sample survey template consists of 20 + questions to collect first-hand feedback. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the need of a researcher.

Public libraries are accessible to the general public and is usually is funded from public sources, such as the taxes paid by the citizens. Using the public library requires an individual to create an ID for borrowing books, DVDs and other educational material. Public libraries are a good source of maps, town planners, notices etc. A public library is open to all categories of the community.

Below are the questions related to public library:

1. Based on your complete experience with public library, how likely are you to recommend it to your family and friends?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. On an average how often do you visit public libraries?
3. Rate the following library service. Please select the most appropriate answer option:
Not sure
Customer service
Collection of books, DVDs and other reference material
Books and programs for children (classes, story-time)
Computer and Internet
Lending of books and other reference material
Printers and other stationery
Hours of operation
Library staff
Overall library functionality
4. How did you find out about the library services? Select all that is applicable
5. How important are the following services to you?
Extremely Important
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Borrowing books, DVDs, reference material etc.
Research assistance from the library staff
Computers and Printers
Assistance for using computers and printers
Study Rooms/Meeting Rooms
Community meeting rooms
Access to free WiFi
Availability of newspaper magazines etc.
6. Please select your age category.
7. Please select your highest level of educational qualification
8. What is your preferred language?
9. What is your employment status?
10. How does the library benefit your community?
11. Is there anything else you would like to add to make the library services better?

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