Sales Contact Form Survey Template

Sales Contact Form and Lead Generation Survey Template is beneficial for any organization or business. Sales are one of the quintessential attributes of an organization. When a business is aiming at an increased turnover every client or customer is important. Sales contact form survey helps organization collect first-hand information regarding a potential client who is interested in either product or services or both, offered by an organization. This form helps businesses keep a record of people who make an inquiry and could be potential customers or clients. This is the first step for an organization to understand what are the needs of the clients and what product or services they need.

Getting started with [Company] is simple, quick and easy! All you need is fill out the form below and a Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours to answer all your questions.
First Name
Last Name
ZIP/Postal Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
Do you currently have a [product category] department?
Please list few names of your clients
How much, on average, do you spend on [product] per month?
Do you have any additional office(s) we should contact?
If yes, please specify.
Which other products/companies are you presently considering?
How did you hear about [Company]?
Questions, Comments, Suggestions

Why conduct Sales Contact Form and Lead Generation Survey?

Sales contact and lead generation forms are one of the best ways to get client information and to understand what their needs are regarding products or services they are after. This form is an important piece of a document from an organization’s or business point of view.

  • When your target audience responds to this survey, there are a set of demographic questions that are asked to understand the client’s portfolio and be able to know what their specific needs are.
  • These forms are also known as lead generation forms. The trick here is to keep the form in the survey short and simple. Once someone submits the form they must receive an acknowledgment message confirming the submission of the form.
  • QuestionPro’s Sales Contact Form and Lead Generation Survey is carefully curated by experts, with the right balance of sales and demographic questions. This survey consists of 15+ questions and can be used by researchers who look out for lead generation.
  • This survey is an extremely convenient way of obtaining client information and keep the recordS even for future purposes.

Best Uses of Sales Contact Form and Lead Generation Survey

As mentioned earlier sales contact forms are also known as lead generation forms. For any organization, it is important that there be a continuous flow of inquiries and these inquiries get converted into potential customers. Thus, deploying the sales contact form survey an organization or a business will be able to collect meaningful information they need to make sure what they offer to a potential client is of best use to them.

Here are some of the best uses of sales contact form survey:

  • An organization or business can know the exact need of a client or a customer.
  • By deploying this survey, companies can know and select the geographical segmentation.
  • This survey can be used by industries like insurance agencies, education institutions, realtors, furniture stores and any industry or business that has a direct client interaction.
  • This survey collects relevant demographic information based on which an organization or business can approach a client or customer with a workable plan.

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