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Sales Followup Survey Template

Sales Follow up Survey Template by QuestionPro is designed to carry questions that gain meaningful insights from those shoppers/prospective clients who couldn’t be converted into customers. This survey template consists of questions to understand shopper behavior who do not make the purchase from a brand. These questions are very straightforward and help the survey responded choose appropriate reasons for not being to make that purchase. This questionnaire can be customized and questions can be altered/added/deleted to get the desired outcome from the survey.

Zip Code:
To receive your free (60-minute long distance phone card) within two weeks, just take a few minutes now to tell us why, after inquiring about (product), you decided not to purchase.

Completion Time: Approximately 5 minutes
How did you first learn about (product)?
What originally caught your attention about (product) and caused you to inquire about (product)?
When you contacted the company about (product), were you seeking a specific solution to a business need or problem? If so, what?
If you could change the product to make it valuable enough for you to purchase, how would you change it?
When you received the information you requested, did you read it?
What was the main reason you did not purchase (product)?
Which one of the following products did you purchase instead of (product)?
Please describe the main reasons you purchased our competitor's product. What did it offer you that (product) did not?
Did anyone else influence your buying decision?
If yes, how was the influential person related to you and what did they say or do that influenced you?
This last set of questions is about you and your business:
What is your position in your business?
Are you an owner of the business?
What type of business is it?
How long have you been in business?
How many people does the business employ?
Which of the following best describes your business facilities?
In what general range is the company's annual sales revenue?
Mailing address for your free (60-minute long distance phone card):
E-mail Address:
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Are any of the following reasons why you did not purchase the product?

Choose all that apply:
If you answered "Other," please describe the reason you did not purchase.

Why conduct Sales Follow up Survey?

Most companies or brands have a set prescribed process for sales and the steps that a sales rep needs to follow while pitching a client. In most organizations, the reviews are weekly where discussions about important deals take place. Sometimes when a sales rep says, “the pitch was great!” wouldn’t necessarily mean that a prospective client has finalized to buy a product or service from a particular brand. Let us now understand why businesses or organizations conduct this survey:

  • The deal can go either way. If unfortunately, the deal doesn’t work out in the organization’s favor, what is the next probable step? The next step is to deploy a survey to get complete information regarding what went well and what didn’t.
  • QuestionPro’s Sales Follow Up Survey is an excellent choice for such situations. This sample survey template consists of questions to gather feedback from those buyers who decided not to make a purchase of a certain brand.
  • Questions in this survey template are based on probable reason for the fallout, competitor evaluation of the same product, pricing bracket as a concern for not buying the product and many other relevant questions that helps an organization or business to keep a track of what is good with their sales pitch and what changes do they need to make to convert probable consumers into loyal fulltime consumers.

Best Uses of Sales Follow Up Survey

Here are a few best uses of Sales Follow Up Survey:

  • By deploying this survey template, organizations can analyze their sale pitch and presentation strategies that will help them convert clients positively.
  • Sales follow up survey template like this one can help organizations stay ahead of their competitors by improving their own sales process and staying ahead in the game.
  • With a meaningful sales follow up, there are fair chances that customer expectations are fulfilled, which may provide them with reasons to rethink a brand.