Sales Training Evaluation Survey Template

Sales Training Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro is carefully curated with relevant questions that seek feedback from participants who have attended a sales training. This sample survey template consists of 20+ questions that ask the participants to expresses to what degree they liked or disliked the training, training material, time allocated towards each session etc. This questionnaire can be easily customized according to the target audience to collect their opinion/suggestions and any further scope of improvement.

Overall, how satisfied are you...
Very Dissatisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Very Satisfied
With the materials, you received before the meeting and their value in preparing you to more fully participate in the sessions?
With the "skill-based" training which emphasizes interaction and participation?
With the information applying the business process to a specific product line?
That your ability to apply the knowledge and skills from the sessions?
With the overall logic and consistency to the series of sessions you attended?
That you received, at least, one specific skill or tool that will enable you to become more effective in selling (Company) products?
With the tools, you have been provided to improve our satisfaction rating with your customers?
That there was a sufficient amount of time allocated to cover the content in the individual sessions?
That the information and skill building were relevant to your learning needs?
That the sessions changed your behavior and enhanced your effectiveness in launching new products?
Overall, how satisfied are you...
Strongly Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Very Satisfied
That the information and skill building activities on maintaining and developing accounts were relevant to your learning needs?
That you are incorporating the use of your existing sales analysis tools frequently enough in calling on your existing accounts?
That you are focusing on providing Total Customer Satisfaction with every customer by soliciting their problems and needs which are not being met?
That the information and skill building were relevant to your learning needs?
That the information and skill building were relevant to your learning needs?
That the information presented on prospecting changed your behavior and enhanced your prospecting effectiveness.
That the materials will increase your schedule of cold calling?
With the usefulness of the tools to analyze specific customer's needs?
With your understanding of the objectives and strategies for selling?
That you have gained a competitive advantage with (company) products and services?

Why conduct Sales Training Evaluation Survey?

Sales is an integral part of any organization or business. It is considered as the backbone of many customer-centric organizations. An effective sales mechanism helps an organization stay on the progressive path with respect to financial gains and making profits. Therefore, it is important for an organization to make sure that the members who are involved in sales activities are always in the best game.

  • Sales training is one way to keep the sales members sharp and on the edge. Providing an excellent and timely training to the members can help an organization stay ahead of their competitors. But it is also equally important, that these trainings are reviewed to understand their effectiveness.
  • QuestionPro’s Sales Training Evaluation Survey consists of feedback questions that can be deployed to any person who has attended the sales training.
  • In order to evaluate the sales training, sample questions in the questionnaire are based on a relevance of the training, how effective was the training material if the time allotted towards each session was sufficient, was the training effective or not, did it appeal to a particular skill set or not etc.
  • These questions are essential in terms of gaining feedback and also understanding the levels of satisfaction

Best uses of Sales Training Evaluation Survey

Here are some of the best uses of Sales Training Evaluation Survey:

  • Using this template organizations or businesses can measure participant’s reaction. It's important that participants are engaged in the training process as it can help them do their jobs better.
  • Training is an investment that organizations are willing to make in order to help its employees perform better at their jobs. By deploying these survey organizations can understand the return on interest.
  • This survey template is a straightforward way of engaging participants in a detailed Q&A session and to make sure they have gained value from the training and its effects being used by the participants.

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