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School Sleep Habits Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The school sleep habits survey questions help you collect sleeping habits data from students. Map students’ general conduct and behavior to their sleeping habits sleep patterns and sleeplessness, especially on weeknights.

Using this sample survey template, collect demographic information as well as information about student’s habits that impact their total sleep time and overall well-being. Use the sample questionnaire to educate children about the science of sleep schedule regularity, better sleeping habits, depressive mood, behavioral issues, and daytime sleepiness to positively impact their performance at school.

What time do you usually go to bed on a school night?
What is the reason you go to bed at this time on a school day?
How many times in a week do you stay past your bedtime on a school night?
How long does it take you to fall asleep on a school night?
Which of these problems have you had with your sleep? Select all that apply:
When you wake up in the morning, what is the reason due to which you wake up?
Do you have any chronic illness or other health problems?
If you struggle to sleep, please state your agreement with the following statements that are causing you to sleep less:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Not completing homework
Stress of a home assignment
Relationship problems
Watching TV before sleeping
Excessive use of phone/internet before sleeping
Lack of physical activity
Waking up to go to the bathroom
Sounds from outside the room
Sounds from inside the room
Temperature in the room
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Trouble breathing
Having bad dreams
In the past few weeks, in which of these circumstances have you had trouble staying awake, in?
Once in a while
About half the time
Most of the time
Commuting to school
In a class at school
While completing homework
During detention
While reading or writing something
During a test
Watching TV
Playing video games
During a project
During a field-trip
In the past few weeks, have you missed school on any day due to feeling sleepy or not waking up on time?
If it were up to you, what time would be the ideal time for you for school to start:
If you weren’t engaged in any sports activity at school, would you go to bed:
When do you feel the most energetic in the day?
What is your age?
Your grades in school are mostly:
Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?

Top Four reasons to use this free school sleep habits survey template

Here’s why you must use these questions in your survey.

1. Understand sleep habits: Behavior, grades, mood, and habits are directly related to sleep habits. Understand student sleeping habits to address these concerns.
2. Improve student performance: Guage the sleep schedules of the students and take measures to create awareness among students about the hazards of a vague sleep schedule.
3. Find shortcomings of the system: Sometimes, students are overworked to a level that they need to give up sleep to complete assignments and other personal tasks. Use this survey to address and fix such shortcomings.
4. Address student problems: Sleep is deprived not only due to academic reasons but also due to personal reasons. Find out what really stresses students and help them overcome their stress to improve their sleep schedules.