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School Survey Questions for Teachers + Sample Questionnaire Template

The school survey questions for teachers is an in-depth survey that a school deploys to its teaching stuff to gather data about their perception about the school. This survey template helps collect data about the teachers perception of the quality of students, peers and parents as a consolidation of their teaching experience. It also helps collect feedback about gaps in teaching aids, support for new teaching and evaluation methods etc. Due to the nature of this questionnaire, it can be tweaked to match an individual school’s requirements.

Considering your complete experience with the school, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Compared to the average student in the same grade at your school, how would you describe this class?
What teaching methods do you employ to teach the students at this school? (Select all that apply)
Which tools do you use to grade your students?
To what extent do each of the following competencies contribute to students’ grades in this class? (Select one in each row)
In a typical school week, what percentage of your time in class with students do you devote to the following activities?
Teaching the class as a whole
Working with individual students or small groups
Administrative duties (e.g., attendance)
Maintaining discipline
Other duties
What steps do you follow to bring the students that are falling behind, up to speed with the rest of the class?
In the last 18 months, did you undergo any activity to grow your learning and make the education experience better for your students? (Select all that apply):
Please rate your satisfaction with the school on these parameters:
Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?