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Science course evaluation survey questions + sample questionnaire template

Science Course Evaluation Survey Template by QuestionPro has questions to collect feedback from students who attended Science course in their grade year or a semester. In this sample survey questionnaire questions related to overall satisfaction level of students, name of the teacher who taught the course, some questions related to demographics, are asked to gain insight on how well the course was taught and if there are any suggestions to improve the course. This survey template has 23 questions and can be easily customized.


You are invited to participate in our survey. The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the Science course you took this school semester/year, which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Please, take some time to reflect on each question addressed and try to be as sincere as possible. Your answers will remain confidential and will only be used to find ways to improve this course in the future. 

You can start with the survey by clicking on the Continue button below.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Your school's name:
The name of your Science teacher that taught this course:
You are a: 
Your current grade level:
Overall, what did you think of this course?
How would you appreciate the following characteristics of the teaching materials used in this course?
Very Poor
Very Good
Quality of curriculum
Quality of equipment (e.g. microscopes, centrifuges, flasks, etc.)
Lab safety
Diversity of format for the content delivered (e.g. video, audio)
Level of student engagement
Quality of assessment materials (e.g. tests, portfolio requirements, etc.)
Quality of homework assignments
Level of intellectual challenge for yourself
Please provide a sentence on your overall experience of the class:
Please rate your science teacher on the following qualities: 
Very Poor
Very Good
Class lectures
Class discussions and debates
Testing quality
Individual assignments
Science projects
Field trips outside the classroom
Teacher office hours
What would you recommend to the teacher/school staff to improve for this course, in general? (Optional)