Seminar Feedback and Attendee Information Survey Template

Seminar Feedback and Attendee Information Survey Template by QuestionPro comprises of questions and examples to collect feedback on a seminar held. This sample survey template has a mix of demographic and feedback questions. This questionnaire can be deployed to participants after completion of a seminar to collect their opinion on various attributes related to a seminar. A researcher can also know the motivation of participants for attending a seminar. Questions related to seminar location, traveling convenience, topics covered etc. are available in this survey.

Please identify the seminar you are attending today:
What is your date of birth?
Please select your age group:
Do you have people that report to you? If yes, how many?
Highest Level of Education Completed:
Current Annual Household Income (Optional):
Why did you select today's seminar date and location? (Select the most important one)
How far did you travel to today's seminar?
How did you pay for today's seminar?
What other seminars have you attended? (Select all that apply):

What other seminars are you interested in attending? (Select all that apply):
Where did you initially hear about this seminar? (Select one):
What influenced you to attend today's seminar? (Select one):
Did you make the decision to attend today's seminar?
Work Phone
Mailing Address

Training Surveys

Event Evaluation Survey Questions

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Event evaluation survey questions help collect objective and actionable feedback from the event attendees. After you host an event, you have more or less an understanding of how the event went. There are somethings you may perceive as having gone well and then there are some that you felt needed work. This perception remains until you hear back from one of your largest client that the meet and greet session that you felt needed a ton of work, was a great hit with the client and everyone they spoke with. Perceptions and experiences differ from people to people. It is therefore important to collect as much as feedback as possible. This questionnaire helps collect feedback that helps make subsequent events, better.

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Effectiveness of training

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Effectiveness of training for trainees survey questions template is designed to collect feedback from trainees for the training program they have attended. This survey template is beneficial for anyone who wants to obtain feedback regarding their training program. This sample survey template consists of 25+ questions. This questionnaire can be customized and more questions can be added to suit the needs of a researcher.

A very important aspect of any training program is soliciting feedback from the trainees regarding the quality of the training program. Very few trainers realize the importance of feedback. Feedback is a mechanism that helps individuals perform better. As a trainer you should provide a survey at the end of training program to register participants feedback.

Below are the questions related to effectiveness of training for trainees:

Training Surveys

Effectiveness of training for Trainer

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Effectiveness of training for trainers survey questions template is designed to get feedback from trainees regarding the evaluation and performance of the trainer. This survey template is designed to for all individuals who have been a part of some or the other training program. This sample survey template consists of 20+ survey questions that will help individuals register their effective feedback. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the business need or a researcher, an organization or any individual.

Effective feedback is essential and helpful. Feedback is valuable information that helps in making informed and organized decisions. Top performing companies and organizations often rely on feedback because they consistently search for ways to improve their overall performance. For organizations and individuals who truly value feedback, improvement is not just a catchphrase for them.

Below are the questions based on effectiveness of training for trainers: