Shopper Involvement Study Survey Template

Shopper Involvement Study Survey Template includes questions that address customer knowledge and research capability to understand the organization's products/services. This is a customizable questionnaire example which has questions such about purchase decision, product choices, assigned budget, research conducted before making the purchase etc. Survey makers can edit this sample according to the target audience and the purpose of the survey.

Please indicate your agreement with each of the following statements.
Very Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Very Strongly Disagree
At the time of the purchase decision, I had little time to search for information.
There was a wide difference in performance between the available choices.
Because the product was being offered on sale for a limited time period, I felt I needed to purchase the item quickly.
If this product broke down I would feel that replacement or repair was a high priority.
My (our) budget was very tight at the time of the purchase.
I felt obligated to make a careful analysis of the alternatives before making a selection.
I have one or two favorite stores I shop in for this type of purchase.
I felt it was necessary to talk to a number of friends or because of my lack of knowledge and expertise about this product category.
I felt I would obtain a better deal on this item by shopping around and comparing prices.
I like to devote considerable time and energy when making a product choice such as this one.
Very Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Very Strongly Disagree
Selecting an appropriately styled model was very important to me.
I can make many connections or associations between the use of this product and experiences in my life.
I was very concerned about possible performance problems when searching for the item I purchased.
Using the product I purchased is one of the most enjoyable things I do.
I did not have any favorite brands in this search category before beginning my search.
I felt quite knowledgeable about this product category before I began shopping for it.
Please indicate your agreement with each of the following statements.
Vey Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Very Strongly Disagree
There were wide price differences between available choices.
I received considerable pressure from other family members to purchase this item quickly.
This purchase was difficult because the items in this product category are so technologically complex.
This purchase was not planned, but the item caught my eye in the store and I decided to purchase it.
It was my task to make the product choice the right one.
The amount of money I could or would spend on this item was very limited.
I felt comfortable judging the differences between alternatives relatively well.
I generally make purchases of this kind at one particular store because I believe they offer the best values around.
I enjoyed shopping for this product.
I was very concerned about the economic consequences of making a poor or incorrect choice.
Vey Strongly Agree Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Very Strongly Disagree
Generally I like to make purchases quickly without shopping around at different stores, because it just is not worth my effort.
I am concerned about my friends' approval of my choice.
Because of my lifestyle, I feel this is a product that ought to be important to me.
I was very concerned about my product choice because of the consequences of selecting an item that did not perform as I anticipated.
I believe I could be quite helpful to friends who are having difficulty making a selection in this product category.
I had a strong brand preference in this category because of my previous experience with some of these brands.

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