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Student health screen survey template

Use this free student health assessment screening survey template and sample questionnaire to analyze the level of preparedness for schools before kids rejoin schools. These student health assessment questions should give you an idea if it's safe for students to return to school.

Are cases in the area low enough for schools to resume?
Are you aware of the school’s policy on mask usage?
What precautions have been put in place for indoor choir, band, physical education, etc. for safety?
Will hand sanitizer dispensers and washing stations be placed throughout the school?
What protocols are in play to ensure social distancing in the school all day long?
How will students participate in sports, if allowed?
If the students or teachers are unable to come to school will remote work or learning continue on?
What training has been given to teachers to tackle symptoms and other COVID-19 related challenges?
What additional policies will come into play to curb the Coronavirus transmission risk?
Is the school considering installing physical barriers to ensure physical distancing?
What are the new transportation norms when school re-opens?

Benefits of using the student health assessment screening survey template

1) Check readiness
The pandemic forced us to check our readiness for emergencies and how we can effectively cope with them. Use this survey template to check the readiness of schools in managing sanitization protocols, physical distancing practices, and infrastructural changes effectively once kids return to school. This will help you understand at what stage of preparedness schools are and what more needs to be done.

2) Recommend additional measures
Using the student health assessment screening survey template will let you know which areas need looking into. You can then suggest additional measures to ensure the safety of students when they return to school. Every school will be unique with respect to layout and structure and hence will need a unique approach to bolster security measures for fighting pandemics such as COVID-19.

3) Support schools
Curbing the rising cases due to the Coronavirus is not the responsibility of schools alone, nor should it be. Parents and other related authorities need to play their part too. Using this questionnaire sample, you can check which areas you could help bridge the gaps, helping schools stay safe and compliant.