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Teacher Engagement Survey Template + Sample Questionnaire Template

Engagement survey questions for teachers is a questionnaire to understand the factors that influence the productivity of teachers, and allow you important insight into the the areas with risk and the areas where everything is good. Survey data collected using this sample questionnaire will enable schools and colleges to take decision that will help reduce teacher attrition, improve retention and satisfaction.

Attrition rate of the education staff is one of the highest in the world. It is becoming a major concern since the deficit of trained educational staff keeps increasing every years. According to Unesco institute of statistics (UIS) if the current trend continues, 33 countries in the world will not have enough teachers to provide quality education to all children by 2030. According to UIS, 25.8 million school teachers need to be recruited to provide every child with a primary education, which includes 3.2 million new positions and the replacement of 22.6 million teachers who are expected to leave the profession.

The United States is a very good example where attrition is a bigger problem than recruitment. It is seen that about 150,000 new teachers are trained every year, yet within the first 5 years half of them quit. Annually half a million teachers leave or move to another profession cost the United States around US$2.2 billion. It has been observed that around 8 percent of the teaching workforce is leaving every year. Currently, educational staff attrition is ranked in between 5 and 10 compared to other industries globally.

Considering your experience as a teacher with the school/institute, how likely would you be to recommend our institute to a friend or a colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
What is your gender?
How old are you?
Do you work at any other school/institute along with this school/institute?
What is your employment status with this school/institute?
What is your highest academic qualification?
What is your ethnicity?
What subjects do you teach?
Please suggest your level of agreement for the following statements
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
I feel pride in working for this school/institute
I get a sense of achievement with the work I do
My job is very interesting
I have learnt a lot from this job
I would like to stay at this school/institute for a long time
Overall, I am very satisfied with my job
Considering your experience at the school/institute please suggest how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the following.
Very Dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very Satisfied
Comfort to teach in the assigned classrooms
Overall cleanliness and hygiene of the school/institute
Values that the school/institute promotes through its teachings
Safety for teachers and students
Transportation for teachers and students
Compensation received
Holidays received
Performance appraisals and its factors
Training provided
Support from colleagues and the supervisor
Very Dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very Satisfied
Freedom given to implement new methods
Quality of education included in your curriculum
Appraisal method and feedback received
Please state the number of hours you spend on the following tasks for this school in a week.
0 hours
40 hours
Classroom lectures
Planning or preparation for classroom lectures in or out of school
Administrative tasks for the school/institute
How long have you been working at this school/institute?
Please suggest if the following activities have helped in your professional development?
Not helpful
Little helpful
Moderately helpful
Very helpful
The subject matter in the subjects you teach
Conferences or seminars
Any certification opportunities
Field trips related to your subjects
Parent teacher meetings
Supervisor feedbacks
Freedom to mentor individual students
Suggestions from your colleagues regarding teaching methods
Considering your own professional development, please suggest to what extent is the need for the following?
No need
Low level of need
Moderate level of need
High level of need
Content and performance standards in the subject you teach
Classroom management
Student assessment methods
Special training for teaching
Teaching methods for students with special learning needs
Management and administration training
Multicultural teaching methods
Counselling methods
What are the reasons that you not been able to participate in professional development activities?
How often have you been appreciated or received feedback as a teacher from the following in this school/institute?
Hardly ever
Fairly often
Very often
Members from the management team
Parents and students
Members from the educational board
When you were appraised, to what level do you agree that the following points were considered?
Strongly agree
Don't know
Strongly disagree
Student test scores
Retention and pass rate of the students
Other student learning outcomes
Student feedback
Parent feedback
Principal feedback
Colleague feedback
Innovating teaching methods
Relationship with students and parents
Personal professional development
Strongly agree
Don't know
Strongly disagree
Subject matter expertise
Initiative taken for teaching students with special learning needs
Student discipline and behavior
Extra curricular activities for students
Considering your appraisal, how often has the following happened during your time with this school?
Very often
Fairly often
Hardly ever
A change in salary
A bonus or monetary reward
Special opportunities for professional development
A positive change in responsibilities
Public recognition by seniors
Motivational initiatives from the school
Opportunities to be a part of the school management
To what level do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
Strongly agree
Don't know
Strongly disagree
Demonstration of the correct way to solve a problem is necessary rather than just pointing out correct and wrong
Poor performance of student means decrease in performance compared to the last
Teacher should be the only one to decide what activities are to be done by the students
Teachers will always have more knowledge than the students
Students should learn to find solutions on their own
Assessment should always be done on the basis of theoretical knowledge
Academics is more important than sports
All students have to cope up to compete with other on their own; no special help should be given by teachers
It is always the teachers duty to provide the students with solutions
A quiet classroom means the students are well behaved and understand everything
To what level do you agree or disagree, if the following happens in this school?
Strongly agree
Don't know
Strongly disagree
Teachers and students have a positive bond with each other
Student’s progress is more important than any other progress(schools reputation, personal progress, etc)
Teachers reciprocate positively to feedback from parents and students
If a student needs special assistance, teachers willingly provide it for no extra cost
Academics and sports are considered equally important