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Technology Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The technology survey is conducted amongst an educational institution’s faculty, to gauge their level of use of technology and their perceived benefit about the use or non-use of technology. This sample questionnaire template is used to discover areas in which our staff desires technology training or professional development, identify issues inhibiting technology integration, and generate ideas for how the technology committee can provide technical assistance to staff. These educational technology survey questions can be used by the management of any institution to identify gaps and increase the adoption of technology in the education process.

According to the recent study by Spiceworks, the business adoption of AI-powered technology is expected to be triple by 2021.

1.Please rate your own technology skills according to the scale. Please select one for each question.
I am not sure how to do this task.
I have done this before, but might need some help.
I can perform this task without any assistance.
I could train staff to do this.
Create a functioning web page with Microsoft Word.
Map a network drive to my web folder (or team web folder, if applicable)
Connect and use the Smartboard
Connect and use an LCD projector with my laptop
Connect and use the CPS (Classroom Performance System) software
Create lessons or assessments in the CPS (Classroom Performance System) software
Take digital pictures and download them to my computer
Take digital video and download it to my computer
Analyze data and create graphs in Microsoft Excel
Save files so they can be opened in different software versions (i.e. Word 97 vs. Word 2000)
2.How often do you integrate these technologies into your instruction or materials?Please select one for each question.
At least once per week
At least once per month
At least once per quarter
At least once per semester
At least once per year
Never use it
Have students use the computer lab
Present lessons using an LCD projector
Use the Smartboard to instruct
Use the CPS (Classroom Performance System) with your students
Have students use the Internet as part of their lesson
Use a classroom webpage that you created for your students
Have students create graphic organizers in Inspiration
Have students use a digital camera for their projects
Have students use a video camera for their projects
Have students create PowerPoint presentations
At least once per week
At least once per month
At least once per quarter
At least once per semester
At least once per year
Never use it
Have students type papers in Word
Have students use Excel to analyze or graph data
Have students take assessment online
Have students use content specific software for teaching/reinforcing skills
3.Please evaluate each of the following statements. Please select one for each question.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I can easily access the available technology in the school when I need it.
I feel confident in my ability to integrate multiple technologies into my instruction.
Integrating technology is not pertinent to my curriculum.
I have a good variety of ideas and lessons for integrating technology into my teaching.
The amount of time needed to prepare technology-based lessons deters me from creating them.
I believe that integrating technology into my curriculum is important for student success.
I am aware of the resources available by the district that can help me learn how to integrate technology.
I do not have the technology skills to support the students when they use technology for a project.
I am familiar with what technology is available to my students and me in our building.
I am familiar with the copyright laws that govern the acceptable use of technology (including using material from the Internet)
Plan and integrate technology-based learning activities that promote student engagement in higher-order thinking skills.
Use content-specific tools (e.g. software, simulation, graphing calculators, Web tools) to support learning and research.
Have my students use technology in the development of strategies for solving problems in the real world.
Use a variety of strategies for implementing the Internet into my curriculum.
Plan and teach student-centered learning activities and lessons in which students apply technology tools and resources.
What is the number one factor that prevents you from integrating more technology into your lessons?
Concerning the use or integration of technology, what is the one area in which you would most like to receive training or professional development?
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Top 3 reasons to use this technology survey template

1. Upgrade education process: It helps the institution to upgrade its education process by adopting the advanced technology in the education system.

2. Evaluate faculty awareness: This survey questionnaire helps collect feedback on the faculty’s knowledge about the use of different technologies.

3. Evaluate training needs: Evaluate whether the educational faculty needs training on different technologies.