Usability Survey For Self-Service Checkouts + Sample Questionnaire Template

Usability survey for self-service checkouts is a questionnaire to understand public opinion about self-service checkout systems in various stores. These survey questions aims to identify what are the challenges or issues faced by the audience when using such a system which can help the company to make improvements accordingly in those areas in the near future.

Self-service checkouts can be seen in most supermarkets or retail stores these days. However, most people still prefer going with the traditional payment method. There are reasons why the customers are still not opting for self-service checkouts. These reasons can be the complexity of the system, interface, or even knowledge to operate it. Thus, there is a needs to make improvements in the existing self-service system and the same has to be promoted to the customers. In such a case, a survey would enable the company to find out customers opinions about the system, the challenges or issues they face and hence it can be optimized as per the customer’s requirements

Following are the questions to gather information about the self-service checkout system and customer opinion about the usability of such a system:

Considering your complete experience with self-service checkout systems, how likely would you be to recommend your friend or colleague start using one?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely

You Age:
Your Gender:
Your Occupation:

What time do you usually do your shopping?
How many items do you buy on your average shop?
How do you usually pay?
Have you ever used the self-service checkouts?
If you answered No, please take a moment to tell us why:
Which types of machine have you used?
How often do you use them?
Please state your opinion for the following:
No opinion
Did you find it easy to start the scanning process?
Have you had any problems scanning items?
Have you had any problems with loose items (for example: onions)?
Did you find the on-screen text easy to read?
Did you find your way around the on-screen system easily?
Have you ever encountered any problems whilst trying to pay?
How did you find the voice prompt?
How did you find the on-screen prompts and animations?
Have you ever experienced any of the following:
Any problems whilst trying to pay
Received assistance from an employee at the store whilst using the self-service machines
Faced difficulties when placing your shopping into bags or onto the conveyor belt
Which methods of payment have you experienced problems with?

Please select all that apply
Which method do you prefer for your shopping?
How would you rate your over-all experiences with the self-service machines?
If you have anything more to add, please feel free to do so below:

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