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Use Of Plastic Bags Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Use of plastic bags survey questions is a questionnaire to understand the perception of the public on abolishing the use of plastic bags. This survey aims to identify the factors that influence the use of plastic bags and what are the reasons behind not choosing to abolish them.

It has been proven through recent studies, that usage of plastic bags has increased tremendously. Plastic bags are made of non degradable material and are a problem to the environment. Plastic items are said to take around 1000 years to decompose and hence if the usage of plastic bags continues, it will be major concern for everyone. Thus, a lot of governments are taking up initiatives to curb the usage of plastic bags and plastic items by the citizens. However, there are some parameters which are still restricting the switch to degradable material. In order to understand the reason why, use of plastic bags survey will give an insight to the researcher with the factors that are influencing public's choice.

Following are the questions to gather public opinion about the usage of plastic bags and the factors that influence their choice.

Considering your complete knowledge about the harmful effects of Plastic bags, how likely would you be to recommend a friend or colleague to switch to degradable material? (Eg: paper bags)
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How often do you visit a supermarket?
What do you normally use to carry your shopping contents?
Please state your level of agreement for the following statements:
Are you aware of any campaigns to reduce plastic bag use in your area?
What are your views on supermarkets abolishing use of plastic bags completely?
If online shopping helps to reduce plastic bag usage, would you consider doing more online shopping?
If you were allowed to borrow supermarket trolleys/baskets to transport your groceries, would that remove your need for plastic bags from supermarkets?
What improvements do you think could be made to existing reusable bags? (e.g. Wheels, Longer handles, Larger size, New designs )
Please specify your age range:
Where do you stay?
Do you have any Comments/Suggestions to help promote use of degradable or reusable bags?