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User Interface Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

User interface survey questions are a questionnaire that aims to identify the areas of improvement in terms of the user interface of a product based on user opinions. Such a survey helps businesses to evaluate the current level of satisfaction with the interface of their product. It can help them to optimize the interface as most demanded by the user.

The main objective of any business is to increase sales and revenue. The user interface plays a vital role in achieving this goal. For any business to be successful in generating sales, the user or customer must be satisfied with the product and user experience. User experience is directly related to the user interface of the product. Having an attractive interface and ease of use to operate it will keep your customers happy and wanting to come back again. By conducting a user interface survey, it will enable a company to evaluate the current interface and find out areas of improvement to optimize the product as per the demand. According to the study by finance online, $13.6 billion is the estimated value of a website builder software market by 2027.

Following are the questions to understand the opinion of the user about the current interface of the product:

Considering your complete knowledge and experience about users' interface, how likely would you be to recommend a friend or colleague?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How satisfied are you with the following:
How difficult is reading characters on the screen?
What is your opinion about organization of information on the screen?
Please state your level of agreement for the following:
How difficult are the following operations?
On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, please rate the following:
System speed
System reliability
Quality of the content provided on screen
Interface design of the system
Features of the product
Overall product
How often do you use our product?
What do you find best about our product?
Are there are comments/suggestion that can help us improve the user interface for our customers?

Top 3 reasons to use this interface survey template

1. Evaluate satisfaction level about product interface:This survey questionnaire helps businesses to evaluate the satisfaction level about the user interface of the product and improve it as per the demand.

2. Collect feedback about the information on the UI screen: This survey template helps to collect feedback from the user on the readability of the characters on the screen.

3. Measure the net promoter score of user interface: This survey questionnaire measures the net promoter score by calculating the difference between the percentage of people who are user interface promoters and detractors.