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VoIP Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The VoIP survey template consists of questions that collect feedback about VoIP implementation and its benefits in an organization, especially if the organization has offices across different geographical locations. This sample questionnaire template consists of multiple survey questions that collect feedback about, if VoIP has increased productivity and collaboration in an organization as well as the perceived risks that are associated with it.

How many employees does your company have?
Does your company have…?
Are you currently using a VoIP solution such as Call UK, BT Broadband Voice, Cisco, Vonage…?
How long have you been using VoIP?
What does your VoIP implementation cover?
Rank the following statements according to the relevance for your business (1 - Most relevant, 10 - Least relevant).
What reasons made your company move to VoIP?
What features of VoIP does your company consider as a key improvement to the communication system?
Rank this sentences according to the most common uses of VoIP in your company (1-very used, 5-not much used)
Please, tell if you agree or disagree with this statements.

Since your company implemented VoIP...
What are the main challenges that VoIP poses to your company?
How happy are you with the sound quality in VoIP phones?
Can you use a VoIP phone when there is a power failure?
Do you still use traditional telephones at work? If yes, why?
State your agreement on the below statements:
Please list up to three things you LIKE about VoIP
Please list up to three things you DISLIKE about VoIP

Which industry is your company mainly involved in?
Do you have any other comments about VoIP systems?
Name and position
Company name
E-mail address
Do you have any comments about VoIP systems?