Volunteer Recruitment Survey Template

Volunteer recruitment survey template provides the top 10 questions that are broadly used while recruiting volunteers for a cause. This sample questionnaire can be customized according to the target of volunteers and also the type of NGO. For example, an NGO dealing with child trafficking may intend to recruit individuals who are either inclined towards saving children living on the streets or those suffering from abuse every day.

Non-profits over the world use surveys or questionnaires to recruit volunteers for their organizations. By conducting a volunteer recruitment survey, non-profit organizations across the world can easily mass recruit a bunch of people using the greatest invention of mankind- the Internet.

How? - They can understand the factors that prompt people to volunteer for causes and recruit volunteers according to the cause they believe in. Information received as a volunteer recruitment survey feedback can be collected and analyzed to recruit volunteers on a regular basis. This survey usually includes questions such as volunteer inclinations, contribution potential, previous experiences, work schedules etc. to seek information about volunteers candidates.
QuestionPro offers a waiver to Non-profit organizations thereby contributing in a way towards a social cause.

Please enter your full name
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Please share your past volunteering experiences
What is your age?
How many hours in a week will you be able to dedicate for volunteering?
Which program are you inclined towards volunteering?
Which sections of our NGO would you like to contribute?
Any specific days on which you can volunteer?
How did you gain knowledge about our NGO?

Why conduct a volunteer recruitment survey?

With a volunteer recruitment survey, you can put forward your need for a volunteer and also gauge the inclination of the volunteer towards a specific cause. Here is the information that can be collected using a volunteer recruitment survey:

  • Some volunteers would love to work as activists for PETA, whereas some would love to work as environmental activists.
  • Volunteering should be done out of interest and not something that is done to get paid for! Everyone has their usually jobs to drain them otherwise, so, it is certain that a volunteer’s interest in a specific cause is very important.
  • Volunteering should be a fun activity and hence a volunteer recruitment survey is a critical factor for volunteer recruitments.
  • Volunteers can be filtered on the basis of their volunteering preferences. By sending out a volunteer recruitment survey, you can also filter out the volunteers based on their specific interests.
  • Developing a survey with a balance of open-ended and closed-ended questions, the survey admin may gain a wider insight into the areas of interest of various volunteers. Including questions with selectable options as the interests, and then branching the respondents towards the questions specific to their area of interest, the survey administrator also saves a lot of time and energy while analyzing the data for his questionnaire.
  • QuestionPro offers various questions types to suit the needs of clientele. With the various reporting options and data extraction methods available, the tedious task of filtering and recruiting thousands of volunteers over the globe is done in the most efficient way.

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