Home Electronics Purchase Survey Template

Car stereo purchase information, decision process and customer profile.

I purchased this model in:
Where did you purchase this model?
Where did you first hear about this model?
When did you decided to buy this model?
What was the primary reason for purchasing this particular model?
Which of the following features of this model do you like most?
Who installed the new car stereo?
You purchased this model:
If this purchase was not your first set, the previous car stereo was used for:
What is the make of your car ?

The system which you will use with the new stereo is:
The total dollar value of your present car stereo:
The system which you plan to buy is:
Before you purchased this car stereo, you compared it with:
The CD's which you use are:
Your family income:
Marital Status
Feel free to fill in any comments or questions, about this model.
City, State and Zip

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