Online store survey questions + sample questionnaire template

Online Store Survey Template offers questions about the retail website, product and customer satisfaction. This sample can be edited to include more questions which help in gaining insights about how to make the online store better and equipped with products which customers would love to purchase. This can be done by editing the QuestionPro sample questionnaire and improving the quality of the online store.

Thank you for visiting our on-line store. Our goal is to provide you with exactly the products and service that you are expecting. Please take a minute to tell us how well we meet your needs.
How often do you visit our site?

How did you get to our site?
How often do you use the web to find product information?
Did you find what you were looking for on our site?

IF you did not find exactly what you wanted, please explain what you were looking for.
Do you have one or two specific suggestions about how we should add to or improve the site?
You are one of our valued customers, please complete the following information.
City State Zip
I am interested in recieving information about special sale prices, products and offers.

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