Obtain the right audience and extract the proper data for your research.

From design to analysis, the whole dissertation process can be daunting. QuestionPro provides an end-to-end research consulting service that takes this task off your hands. We connect you with dissertation analysts who will personally guide you and provide highly comprehensive research paper support throughout the process; whether qualitative, quantitative, or mixed.

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Design and Programming

Survey methodology
Survey design

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Panel/Sample recruitment
Project management
List distribution
Incentive distribution

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IIHUT studies
Focus groups
Computer moderation

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Data Processing

Data weighting
Open-ended coding
Data cleaning
Tabulations (stats testing)

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Regression analysis
Segmentation analysis
TURF analysis
Pricing analysis
Key driver analysis

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Conjoint/ MaxDiff
Perceptual mapping

The best academic consulting to help you through the IRB process

The process of getting approved by the Institutional Review Board can be vexing for most students because of the intricacy of the ethical considerations that one must adhere to while doing their research.

Partnering with QuestionPro to be your doctoral program consultant means we ensure that your participants remain anonymous, confidential, and safe at all times; enabling you to go through the IRB process swiftly and smoothly.

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We help you through every step of the way

  • Define your questions and design the right survey
  • Identify the proper research and statistical method
  • Connect you with the right audience
  • Deliver a comprehensive report, with all the information you need
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We help you develop the research you need

Academic research consultation, tailored specifically for you by QuestionPro experts.

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QuestionPro’s academia research consultation will not only enrich and help with your dissertation or academic research project, but ensure that you get fast approvals during your grant funded research, doctoral program, or university research project!

Security and Confidentiality

Whether it is the IRB process or your respondent’s concerns, our dissertation assistance and academic research assistance will cover all your issues. We’re here to provide all the dissertation tutoring you need for your student research project!

One-on-one Attention

Dissertation consulting, research paper consulting, and doctoral program consultants are plenty. But at QuestionPro, our thesis analysts and research design consultants work personally with you to write the perfect academic dissertation or academic research surveys!