University of Denver

Project Description

Marketing Feasibility Study

Project Abstract

I. Executive Summary

Conduct a marketing feasibility study for starting a non-profit organization dedicated to providing non-biased fact based voter information on:

• Current US Congressional office holders and challengers for the State of Colorado;
• Ballot initiatives for the Denver Metro area and statewide.

If the organization is successful in Colorado, would then consider expanding to other states.
II. The Business Idea
Product Offering

• The product is fact based information that Colorado voters can use to make important decisions on candidates and ballot initiatives.

• Voters need a reliable source of straight forward unbiased information on national congressional political candidates and ballot issues presented to them for voter approval.

• Present all sides of the story in a concise format that is fact based and tied to verifiable sources.

• Electronic delivery via e-mail supported by a web portal that contains more in-depth information and additional links.

Surveys released for this project:
ColoradoVoters 20
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