University of Bremen, Germany

Project Description

Usability of PDAs in Data-Collection for Learning Research

Project Abstract

In the last few years there is a tremendous growth in the usage of mobile devices ranging from simple mobile phones to sophisticated information processing devices like PDAs. Nowadays, most of these devices also have the capability to connect to internet from anywhere and at anytime. This has encouraged more and more people to use these devices in their daily lives. Among the gamut of mobile devices available in the market, PDAs are becoming pretty common among the professors and students at the university. Most of them use PDAs for scheduling appointments and taking notes.

Learning Research is one field of research which investigates the process of learning among students and the process of teaching among the teachers. Different techniques are employed to monitor the learning process.

Data-Collection is one of the techniques which is widely employed in this field. Paper-based surveys are prepared and the candidates participating in the survey are invited to take part in it on a particular day. In some cases, the surveys are handed out to the participants who fill in the questionnaires and return them after a specified date. In the recent years, web-based surveys are also used commonly. With the acceptance of PDAs by students at the university level, it would be a novel idea to conduct surveys with the help of PDAs which are carried by the students all the time.

This thesis work studies the Usability of PDAs in Data-Collection for Learning Research and compares other approaches with the PDA-based approach.

Surveys released for this project:
PDA Survey - German 40
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