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Attitudes and Motivations Toward the Learning of Chinese Language

Project Abstract

The research will be done based on a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) primary school in Singapore. A SAP school, which is usually founded by a Chinese clan or association, offers both English and Chinese Languages to students at a first language level during the first four years (known as the foundation stage) of primary education. At the end of Primary Four, students and parents are given the option of enrolling in Higher Chinese or Chinese (at the second language level), based on their abilities and preferences. The respondents will consist of four classes of students (individual class of 40 students, an estimated total of 160 students), two classes of students taking Higher Chinese and two classes taking Chinese at second language level. There will be two sets of questionnaires � one for students studying Higher Chinese and another for students studying Chinese as second language. The questionnaires will be available to the students in two languages � English and Chinese, and they will be given the freedom to choose whichever they want or are comfortable with. The survey will be conducted online, with the Chinese teacher of the class administrating the questionnaires. The questions in the questionnaires deal with aspects relating to their choice in language stream, their domains of usage of Mandarin Chinese, their attitudes towards Chinese Language, the acquisition process of the Chinese Language and their perceived level of proficiency in the language. At the same time, a short memoir on the feelings towards Chinese Language, and information on their actual level of proficiency (examination scores) will be collected for further analysis.

Surveys released for this project:
Sample Survey 81
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