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Survey on CT RT 169

Project Abstract

The project�s purpose is to understand the attitudes toward Route 169, specifically toward development. It seems, from preliminary reviews of the Town�s regulations and Plans of Conservation and Development, that the towns along Route 169 are not adequately protecting this road from future undesirable development. It is presumed that, because many of the residents in these towns are not aware of the importance of this route�s uniqueness or its fragile state, they do not support proposed stringent protections.
To prove this, this paper will answer the following research questions.
� What is the general attitude placed on this road, if any, in terms of protecting its scenic, cultural, historic and environmental qualities in the Plans of Conservation and Development in the subject towns that are traversed by this route?
� Are the current land use regulations adequate to protect this route?
� Do these regulations agree with the tenants of the respective Plans of Conservation and Development?
� To review other plans and recommendations made for this corridor by local and State agencies and organizations? Have they been implemented?

Surveys released for this project:
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