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Research about environmental impact of fuel cell

Project Abstract

I am student in pH.D level and my thesis turns on Environmental impact of fuel cells.
I will use the Delphi method, with questionnaires directed to specialists of fuel cells from the academic, companies and governmental entities.
Today, intense activity of P&D in cells is verified the fuel cell, practiced in centers of research, university, and laboratories of great companies, what it seems to indicate in briefing the use in wide scale of these generating right-handers of energy.
Considering a probabilistic future, almost deterministic, it is intended through the Delphi Methodology, to investigate for an interval of time of 30 years some scenes:
-which parcel of the energy generation really will fit the fuel cell of commercial/industrial capacity?
-which the vectors that will delineate in the direction of the aggression to the environment, having considered the pollution of the ground, waters and the atmosphere?
-which risks will be subjects the society that will go to enjoy of the benefits of this technology?
This project aims at to get a vision of the probable aggression to the environment, due to the use of the fuel cell considering the diverse ways through which the stacks� technology will go them to interact with the environment.

Surveys released for this project:
Pesquisa sobre curso do simulink 6
Delphi Survey 2th step about Environmental Impact2 66
Environmental Impact of fuel cells 64
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