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The effects of allocentrism and idiocentrism on work-family conflict: An examination of social support, family and job involvement, and turnover intentions

Project Abstract

The area of work-family conflict has recently seen an increase in the amount of research dedicated to gaining insight into the area. In spite of this, there are still gaps in the literature that need to be addressed. Specifically, the process through which work-family conflict occurs has not been adequately researched. In order to address the lack of process-oriented research, this study will attempt to examine the impact of culture on the experience of work-family conflict. In particular, this study will examine the relationship between allocentrism and idiocentrim and work-family conflict. In addition, several mediating variables of this relationship, including social support, family involvement, and job involvement will be explored. It is hypothesized that idiocentrics will report higher levels of work to family conflict and lower levels of social support than allocentrics. Allocentrics will have higher levels of family involvement and greater family interference with work. Idiocentrics will have higher levels of job and involvement as well as greater work interference with family.

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