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Negotiating Division of Labor in Same Sex Romantic Partnerships: An Investigative Study

Project Abstract

The present investigation looked at issues of the negotiation of domestic labor in same sex romantic partners (SSRPs). Specifically, individuals who were currently living with their same sex partner (N = 150) completed online survey instrumentation to inquire about the ways they negotiate how labor gets divided in the household. Extant research, such as Kurdek (1993) finds that much of the allocation of household labor in same sex partners is related to factors not including gender. While research indicates that labor division in the household is much more gendered in heterosexual relationships, the present investigation sought to inquire about alternate forms of allocation. Specifically, the concept that since both partners are of equivalent (or similar) gender roles, explicit communication had to have been the primary mediating factor regarding the allocation of household chores. The present investigation also inquired about different tactics utilized with dividing labor among couples. Bem�s (1974) Sex Role Inventory was utilized to indicate any difference with partner gender and Spainer�s (1976) Dyadic Adjustment Scale was employed to test issues of partnership satisfaction.
Based on Kurdek�s (1993) study, one hypothesis was advanced that posited that explicit negotiation tactics used by partners would lead to higher relationship satisfaction. This research proposed to inquire about gender differences, negotiation techniques, and actual division of physical tasks in the household. Without proposing a theoretical model of same sex romantic partners� division of labor, a conceptual model is discussed and compared to similar explanations in heterosexual relationships. Discussion, implications, and directions for future studies are also discussed.

Surveys released for this project:
GPSA Satisfaction 2009 35
GPSA Priority Survey 41
Graduate Student Work 95
Work Life Balance Policies 97
SSRP Division 153
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