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Project Description

To find the success factors for launching a new business application software Product in Bangalore IT Industry

Project Abstract


1. Introduction

India continues to be a rather key player in the global IT landscape with a share of around 20 percent in the global customized software market and less than 1 percent in the products and packages market. Domestic majors have started to create a mark for themselves in the global software industry, especially in the services segment. There has been 15% growth in the Indian domestic IT market making it $ 3.6 Billion Market (Dataquest). Not many Indian software products have succeeded in the Indian market, except brands like EX of TCS & Tally. Every year many Software Companies are being setup; it is mostly the �techies� (Technical people) who start most companies. These IT professionals enter into IT Industry with their investment. As per studies conducted there is a huge element of risk attached to create a Software product. As said by Sabheer Bhatia, �9 out of every 10 Software products fail in India�. Entrepreneurs suffer huge losses and companies wind up. As every business needs customers, there is a huge role that marketing plays. Having spoken to IT Consultants, with their limited knowledge entrepreneurs make mistakes from the beginning in launching a new business application software product. With limited amount of research being available to guide them, this research is done to find the factors for making their new software product success in the Indian IT Industry.

2. Statement of Problem

Research Problem: To find the success factors for launching a new business application software Product in Bangalore IT Industry.

3. Objectives of study

a. To discover the major factors, those contribute to the unsuccessful performance or failure of software product firms.
b. To suggest roadmap (Strategies that) to ensure success of new products in Bangalore IT Industry.

4. Scope of study

The study will be limited to 70 business application software Product firms in the city of Bangalore.

5. Hypotheses

1. Ho: A firm�s failure is dependent on the lack of market research.
Hi: A firm�s failure is not dependent on the lack of market research.
2. Ho: A firm�s failure is due to High Competition.
Hi: A firm�s failure is not due to High Competition.
3. Ho: A firm�s failure is due to high Attrition.
Hi: A firm�s failure is not due to high Attrition.

6. Operational Definition of Concept

Definition of a success of a new product is based on whether the product achieves the management�s long-term performance objectives.

7. Methodology

? Type of study: Exploratory & Descriptive
? Type of data:
? Primary: Personal Interview
? Secondary: Research Articles, Nasscom Survey Literature
? Source of data: Primary & Secondary
? Type of Survey: Sample Survey
? Method of Sampling and Sample Size: Non-probability � convenience
? Tool For Data Collection: Structured Questionnaire for descriptive research
? Techniques of Analysis: Microsoft Excel / SPSS Package

8. Limitations of Study

a. The study is limited to Bangalore city only
b. Due to time and cost constraints, the sample size is planned at 70 only
9. Chapter Scheme

? Chapter No. One: Introduction And Background
o Introduction of IT industry
o Classification of IT Products
o IT Industry throughout the Globe {US/Europe Markets}
o Scenario of It Industry After & Before Globalization
o History and evolution of Software Industry
o Snapshot of Indian IT Industry
? Chapter No. Two: Research Design
o Introduction
o Statement of Problem
o Objectives of study
o Scope of study
o Hypotheses
? Chapter No. Three:
o Indian Economy
o PEST Analysis
o SWOT Analysis
o Regulatory frame work
o IT�s Contribution to India
o Profile of Companies and their Products
o Major IT players globally
o Major IT player in India
o Profile of Respondents
o Present Opportunities in IT Sector
o Future of IT in India
? Chapter No. Four: Analysis of Data Collected
? Chapter No. Five: Testing of Hypotheses
? Chapter No. Six: Summary of
o Findings
o Conclusions
o Suggestions
o My learning
o Bibliography
o Annexure

Surveys released for this project:
Success Rate of Software Products 27
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