University of Bath

Project Description

Evaluation of effectiveness of E-services in Bahrain Services Market

Project Abstract

Firstly, this research will aim at reviewing the current state, quality and efficiency of e-service operations in the Bahraini business market. To support this review, the research will analyse e-service operations in some public and private sector organisations. Therefore, this review will recognise the present shortcomings in e-service strategies and operations.
Secondly, the research will measure the current customer awareness of e-services in the Bahraini business market and to identify to what extend customers are tended to benefit from the capabilities of the provided online services. Furthermore, the research will outline the customers´┐Ż needs and their future perception of e-services.
Finally, the research will conclude by constructing a generic effective e-service strategy that can be utilised to match the demand customers´┐Ż needs and perceptions with the capacity of business market e-services.

Surveys released for this project:
Internet Usage in Bahrain and customers' awareness 46
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